Coloured rice

One of my children’s favourite sensory play is coloured rice.
It’s easy to make, all you need is

• rice (lots of it)
• tub or food bag
• food colouring

All you do is mix the rice together with the food colouring (the more you use the deeper colour you get) in the tub or food bag.
Leave it overnight or longer until dry and then let the kids play with it.

There are lots if games / activities you can play with rice,
• our favourite is to hide toys and small objects in it like coins and marbles.
• Spoons, funnels and small tubs are also good fun.
• Construction toys or cars to build your own mountain.
• make your own world with happyland or playmobil.
• Or even sit in it and feel the rice fall on your skin.

For an extra sensory experience peppermint oil or lavender oil can be added to make a wonderful smell.

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