Help your children write smaller.

I don’t know about anybody else but just because my son can do something doesn’t mean he will!!!
As with his writing, I know he can write small and neat, but he never does.

I stumbled on to this activity by accident, I was cutting some flash cards up and my daughter asked if she could use the scrap paper and preceded to colour it in, a lightbulb instantly appeared.

What you need is
• Strips of paper (size depending on your child’s ability)
• Coloured paper
• Glue
• Pen

Stick the strips of paper on the coloured paper, these will be the lines your child will write on.
Either give your child something to write about or let them decide.
My son wrote about his day

We will do this again but with smaller strips if paper.
This can be used for all ages as my 4 year old wrote her name on a larger slip of paper.

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