Introduction to Tally charts.

Another idea which was spontaneous.
My son drew 6 teddy bears and was going round asking everybody to choose one and drew a circle around the chosen teddy. Well as you can guess it soon got that we couldn’t count the circles so I decided to show him how to do a tally chart.

I used a big handful of Hama beads to count and wrote the colours down on a piece of paper.
I did the first 5 for him to show him how it worked and then he took over

When we was done he started counting the marks one by one until I pointed out he could count in 5’s.
For extra practice in counting I wrote down his age, my age and his grandmas age (she wasn’t over happy when she saw we had to use a second line!!!! Lol)

My 2 and 4 year old daughters wanted to join in too

This is a simple but educational activity, which now we have taught them the basics I am going to use this in a travel scavenger hunt, who can spot the most lorries, motorbikes and so on, it should give us some peace.

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