Clean mess

This is what I presented my 2 year old with today

It is grated soap and a little water.
She had great fun playing in the soap or as she called it snow!!!


I then pointed out the water which she had missed in all the excitement. We added it and made a sticky mess which could be moulded in to small balls

Or you could even draw in it

For an extra sensory experience I let her add some cinnamon for that Christmas feel

As we wanted more mess we added more soap which my daughter made a whole in the middle so she could pour the water in (I didn’t realise she knew this she must have been paying attention while I’ve been baking)

It was good fun and I drew some letters for her which she recognised and the smell was loverly as we used unscented soap we could only smell the cinnamon. It was so easy to tidy up as well, which is an extra bonus.

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