Home-made lacing pictures

I asked my 6 year old son what he wanted to do and he told me he wanted to sow Jet Vac (from skylanders). My first thought was not a chance, but then I had an idea.
I googled Jet Vac and found an image he was happy with and printed it out on card.

I then punched holes around the image.

There are quite a lot of holes as I know my son would be able to cope with them.
I then got some string put a knot in one end and Sellotape on the other to make a needle or the end of a shoelace.
Everything completed I gave it to my son.

He enjoyed this simple activity as it was a character of interest to him.

Here it is finished.

These are 2 more for my daughters to do with less holes in them to simplify it for their age range.

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