Daddy’s christmas tree ornaments

My husband is not very good at craft ideas so I can hardly believe it when he showed me how to make a Christmas ornament!!!

All you need is
• Square card or paper (coloured works best)
• Scissors
• Glue or Sellotape

First fold your card in half to make a triangle.

Then fold in half again.

From the thick folded edge cut straight lines running parallel to the unfolded side.

Once all the cuts have been made unfold.

Start with the central cuts and bring the points from either side to meet and glue together.

Turn the paper over and repeat using the next triangles of paper.

Keep turning over and repeating.

Once you have glued them all together you should have something like this.

You can make different sized ones depending on where you want to hang them.

We think they look great on the tree.


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