Homemade plate for Santa

I am so excited about this, more than all the kids put together.
We have made a plate and mug for Santa.
I got a cheap plate and mug from Tesco costing £1.50 for both. I asked my children what they would like to draw on the plate. My 6 year old drew Rudolf and my 4 year old did Santa with permeant markers (I found sharpies where best).

They also wrote their own names on the back, while I wrote the year.
My 2 year old I let loose on the mug, as I knew if I let her have ago on the plate as well she would draw on her brother or sisters drawing.

This is her snowman.

while this is let’s use all the colours and have fun.
I then baked them in the oven for 30 minutes on gas mark 4, to set the pen.
I love the finished result, which is still delicate and would not withstand the dishwasher or hard scribing. But for use once a year just for a mince pie and a carrot it will be a treasure to keep.

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