Stories for imagination and education.

As I have recently not been well I have had to take it easy (big frown). Because if this I have not been doing as much play with the children (even bigger frown). But because of this I have been spending some quality 1 on 1 time with my oldest children.
Today while sitting with my 4 year we started making up stories together.
We first started off by me making up most of the story with my daughter adding to it.
Our story started
There was man who walked down a…..
At the bottom of the hill was….
The grass was coloured
And as the story continued I let my daughter start taking the lead more while I just guided her and kept the story going.
The man went to la la la land, hello kitty land, Thomas land as well as silly land.
When she got the hang off this I suggested that the man went to opposite land. I quickly explained what opposite was and carried on with the story. The people went to bed in the morning and was awake during the day. The flowers smelt horrible and people washed in dirty water.
This was a super activity for learning without realising, while spending some quality time talking to my daughter.

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