Helping to build

When building anything it’s very easy to tell your children to leave you alone as its “easier”.
But have you ever thought about letting your children help?

We had a trip to ikea today to get some children’s play tables and a junior chair for the table. As I was putting them together my 6 year old son asked if he could help, my initial reaction was no, but I soon reconsidered.
I asked him to look at the instructions to tell me what needs to be done.

When he worked it out I helped him as he started putting the simple furniture together.

My other children also wanted to help

Children learn a lot from building flat pack furniture.
They learn
• to follow instructions.

• hand eye coordination

•fine motor skills


20130103-180822.jpg(trust me it took ages to fit this in right!!!)
•how to work as a team

And the biggest one
•a sence of achievement once finished.

As well as the above skills children also practice their maths as you count out the pieces before you start. If there is any reading you have literacy skills and reasoning to actually work out what it means.
Good luck and enjoy building.

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