Cooking to cure a fussy eater

My 6 year old boy used to eat anything you put in front of him. But recently he has turned really finicky. He refuses to eat most meats apart from sausages and burgers. He doesn’t like “white” food, hot sausage rolls, omelettes, even though he likes eggs, and he will also refuse to eat a meal more than once a fortnight unless its one of his favourites like pizza.
Now to be honest I’ve had enough of this. I have never pandered to fussy eating and don’t intend to start.
Because I’m a vegetarian I have to be careful when it comes to eating meat, as I was about his age when I became vegetarian. I have decided not to make him eat meat, but that is all I am willing to pander to.
To help stop this fussy eating, I decided to let him help me make cheesy pasta bake, which he would normally refuse to even try.
He measured out the ingredients and grated the cheese.
He read the recipe and told me what to do. He did all the things he could while I just heated the milk up and cooked the pasta.
We talked about the ingredients and whether he liked them or not.
He did really well making the meal and when we was finished he tried it without me moaning at him. Best of all he liked it!!!
I plan on letting him to continue helping me in the kitchen in hopes that it will cure his fussy eating. Even if it doesn’t I’m sure someone in the future will be very happy I have taught him how to cook.

Here is my sons creation, and it was yummy.

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