Teething toys for babies.

Over the years I have spent lots of money on toys (especially teething toys) that have hardly been played with, even the ones handed down from my first!!!

I think money is better spent on toys which will last, not just last the teething.

Because of this I thought I would share what all my children have preferred to use when teething as well as play with and something which is ether free or will still be played with when age 4.
These are all played with by my children aged 6,4 and 2

And my 9 month old loves them as well and has always played with them.


My son got to the toys before I could photograph them as he likes playing with them that much.

•Duplo bricks are his favourite to bite on. They are hard, textured and you can build them for baby to brake up.

•Happyland characters are my daughters but they make easy holding teething toys.

•Happyland cars (these you have to be more aware of but I’ve never had any problem with them). These are fun for baby to push to learn about cause and effect not to mention to put in the mouth.

•Clipo (playskool’s version of stickle bricks) is also great to teeth on and just like the duplo you can build it to offer different shapes and to be pulled apart.

•Wooden blocks these are great fun to bang together and make a loverly loud noise so be warned!! But also fun to knock down.

•Descovery bottles. These are my free toys. I made them by using empty bottles one is filled with my older children’s hema beads and water. Once the bottle is finished with the beads are easily dried and put back to be used. The other is filled with various small objects/toys eg marbles, coins hema beads and plastic ‘jewels’, and rice. Every time this bottle is rolled new items are displayed.
The one thing you need to remember with discovery bottles is to either put the lid on very tight or glue the lid in place.

Other good items to use instead of teething toys are hard vegetables like carrots as they are cold and hard on the gums. Not to mention promoting heathy eating.

Why not do what I did put the money in your child’s bank and give them the toys you already have or invest in something which will last like duplo or stickle bricks.

Good luck with the teething.

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