Masking tape road

Yesterday I saw the masking tape and instantly thought that would make a fantastic road, and what’s better its good fine motor skills trying to peel it off after.
This is what we used today

I placed the first bit of masking tape on the floor for her and she soon wanted to do it herself.

She made some road markings but soon just wanted to get on and play.

She loved her road but soon went and got some of her happyland to make a town.


She has had lots of fun with her town adding lots of bits of masking tape to expand her town.

To be honest I thought this would be an easy activity to do but something she would play with for a short while and keep coming back to it (like she does with most activities). But she has been playing with this solid for ages. She keeps rearranging the buildings adding roads then taking her cars around the town. It’s so cute to hear her talk to herself within her game. I think we will do this activity again very soon.

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