Toddler fun with pompoms

In the past I have always gotten pompoms with art kits but never known what to do with them. If you glue them they fall off and the children get upset. So we have always just hid them so not to corse problems, but recently we have got them back out.

Pompoms are good for practicing fine motor skills.
My 2 year old used pompoms with an old gravy tub.

I cut a small hole (slightly smaller than the pompom) in the tub.

She spent ages pushing the pompoms through the hole. You could make more holes and colour code them so you have a hole for each colour to add an extra challenge.

We also used pompoms with an old egg box and a spoon.

We first coloured the bottom of the egg box with the colours of the pompoms to match them up.

She then used the spoon to pick up the pompoms to put with the right colour.

Using her fingers was just to tempting as first but she soon discovered she could do it without.

She enjoyed this to as she got so happy when she mastered the spoon, all I could hear was “mummy I can do it” with a big smile on her face.

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