Activity dice game.

Because of the weather my children have been cooped up recently and are getting very restless. To cure this I printed off 2 cube templates from here.
On one of the templates I wrote all the children’s names, boys, girls and all. On the other template I wrote do a dance, roar like a lion, jump like a frog, act like a cat, run on the spot and do 10 star jumps.

Once I had written on all the sides I cut them both out and glued them together

And there you have your simple dice game.

After dinner I gave the dice to the children and explained that all you had to do was roll the dice and do what they say.

My eldest took the responsibility to read the dice (even though no one asked him) and the only cheating which happened was my eldest kept changing the name dice to all as he didn’t want to miss ago.
Here are my girls being cats

This was a nice change to tv or the wii and it got rid of some off their energy for bed time.

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