Discovery bag

This idea can be used in 2 different ways. Either for writing practice or add toys for a sensory/discovery experience for younger children.

What you need
•strong ziplock food bag
•hair gel
•small toys
•strong tape

You can get hair gel quite cheap, mine was 15p from tesco.

All you need to do is pit the hair gel into the bag and tape it shut to stop little fingers getting at the gel.

I also taped mine down to the table, but you could easily use a tray, baking tray or anything else you have.
You can just simply squish the gel around or you can ask your child to make shapes or letters in the gel.

To turn this into a sensory/discovery bag all you need to do is add small non sharp objects.

I added beads and marbles to mine as that’s what I had colourful to hand.
For that extra sensory experience and to make it easier to play with I taped it to the window. It looks quite pretty with the light coming through it.

Both Puppy and Jakey loved this and they both played quite nicely next to each other.
Even Posy joined in when she got back from school.


Izlles age 6
Posy age 4
Puppy age 2.5
Jakey age 9 months

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