Today we have had illness in the house so we have had a quiet time playing with beads.
Since Posy has missed school I decided to help her do some maths. I got the worksheet from here

We used the beads and an old food tray with 2 compartments. In one Posy counted out the amount of beads for the first number in her sum and in the second half the amount if beads from the second part of the sum. She then counted all the beads and wrote the answer on the paper.

We also used the beads to make patterns and which comes next. Puppy soon got board of this and preferred to make her own pattern.


Posy enjoyed this a lot better

It doesn’t matter if children make mistakes just ask them to look again and check its right.

Posy soon saw the mistake, laughed and corrected it.

Once we was finished doing our maths work we got to work making necklaces. Threading beads is great for fine motor skills.

You have got the picking up of the bead, which believe me can be quite hard to get the one you want.

Turning the bead around to find the hole.

Then you have obviously got the threading of the bead and pulling the bead down on the string.

We even got some literacy skills involved by asking Posy to put her name on the necklace.

This was to hard for me to resist so here is the one I made.

Who would have thought you could get so much from beads. Also you get the gratification that you have made something.


Izlles age 6
Posy age 4
Puppy age 2.5
Jakey age 9 months

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2 Responses to Beads

  1. Emma says:

    What lovely ideas! The bracelet is very cute. xx

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