Our valentines banner

This craft was only thought of because I had leftover hearts from our card craft here, I still have leftover hearts!!!

Anyway I was thinking what I could do with them and thought they would look sweet stuck on a larger heart, so I cut out 2 pink hearts.

As well as the hearts I also gave my daughters some glitter paint, with cotton buds or Q tips. I used these as I find I use less paint, and my girls get less messy, a lot less messy.
I gave these to Posy and Puppy (Izlles didn’t want to join in) and let them get to work.

Puppy was quite impressed when she realised she could stand her cotton bud/Q tip upright.

Both girls had fun sticking and painting.
Once they were done, we let them dry while I had another idea; to turn the hearts into flowers. So I quickly drew around their feet on green paper.

20130208-121541.jpg(I promise the paper is green on the other side.)

Since it was bedtime, we left it there to dry until the morning.

The next morning I cut out 2 stems from the same green paper and got a big piece of paper to stick everything down on (I used leftover wallpaper but a roll of paper will work fine).

Puppy glued the paper stems and stuck them down.

Next we stuck the feet down as the leaves.

And finally the hearts.

And here is our banner hanging on the door.

As you can see Puppy is rather impressed with her handy work. And to think all this started because I cut out to many paper hearts!!!

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