Learning to tell the time

My son has recently been learning to tell the time. He has been fine on the whole, quarter and half hour but that’s it.

To help Izlles with this we made him a clock.
What you will need is
•2 paper plates or round pieces of card
•cardboard (I used a toilet tube)
•Scissors, glue and a pen

First you or your child needs to mark the numbers on your paper plate the same as a clock face.

Using the scissors make slits between the numbers so they can be folded down.
Glue the centre of the paper plate onto the second. Fold the “1” tab over and write 5 past.

Continue to fill in the appropriate time not forgetting to write quarter past/to and half past.
Once completed you need to make hands for the clock. For this I used a toilet tube. I first flattened the tube and then cutout an arrow shape on the doubled cardboard. I left the first how it was and cut the second to make the smaller hour hand.

Write the words hours and minutes on the appropriate hand and either place them on the clock or use a split pin to secure it to the clock.

Now it’s already to help your child to tell the time.

Izlles age 6
Posy age 4
Puppy age 2.5
Jakey age 10 months

Please excuse my spelling but I have dyslexia and do my best. Please don’t hesitate to correct me.
Thank you.

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One Response to Learning to tell the time

  1. I’m going to make this for my son. He’s been interested in learning to tell time for quite awhile now, but it’s been hard to figure out how to teach him the minutes.

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