Look out for the little things

As a mum of 4 children I’m not allowed to have off, hormonal days. But like everybody else I get them every now and again.

Today I feel like crying, hiding in my bed and not moving.

I have left Izlles and Posy at school very upset. Izlles even refused to go through the door, I had to leave him standing outside with his teacher. Izlles hasn’t been like this going into school since he was 4!!! I know he was probably fine 10 minutes later but that doesn’t really help today.
On the way home I pushed the buggy through dog mess, great.
Then when we got home Puppy made a huge mess in the living room, when I asked her to tidy it up I got “no, teddy did it”. Deep breath, count to 10.
All this is happening while I’m trying to phone the hospital to sort out Posy’s scan.

When days get like this I find it best to look for the little things.

•The photo I took of Puppy yesterday warring her red nose.
Mama and Pappa sent my children 3 red noses for Red Nose Day. They all love them and find it funny when they fall off.
•The way Jakey feels in his new coat.
I was hoping I didn’t have to buy Jakey a new all in one coat but with the weather still trying to snow I had it. Well it’s made off fleece so he feels like a warm cuddly teddy bear.
•The way Puppy came running up to me and gave me a big kiss and cuddle.
The best thing about this is it was for no reason and unexpected. I love it when my children do nice things for me or others which is unexpected.
•Izlles got all happy and excited by his packed lunch.
Izlles doesn’t normally want packed lunches but would rather have school dinners instead. Problem is he is going through a fussy stage at the minute so doesn’t really like the choices the school offers. Well today I made him cheese and cucumber wraps and I also gave him a Fruit Shoot (he very rarely has these). Anyway before we left for school he had a peek in his lunch bag and gave me a big hug.

As a parent it’s so easy to get caught up in what is going wrong and how your children are misbehaving and what they are not doing. Every parent feels like this at some point, even the best of us. When we get to this point we have to remember how lucky and blessed we are. I love my children more than anything. So what I have a messy house. I have happy children who will learn (eventually) how to tidy up. But for now I am going to enjoy my time with my children rather than panicking about the state of the house. Right now I have Jakey fast asleep in bed and Puppy sat on my knee having cuddles while watching Fireman Sam.

These are just a few of my little things, what are your small thing that make you smile?

Izlles age 6
Posy age 4
Puppy age 2.5
Jakey age 11 months

Please excuse my spelling but I have dyslexia and do my best. Please don’t hesitate to correct me.
Thank you.

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