Here is a very simple activity for children of any age who are able to draw.
Simply place stickers or even photos from magazines onto a piece of paper.

Then you just need to let your child finish off the drawing using their imagination.

Here is Posy’s finished art work

This is a very simple activity which could keep a child busy for ages. I am planing on making a whole pad of these to keep her entertained in restaurants and in other similar places.
Puppy wasn’t interested in drawing and just wanted to play with the stickers which was fine by me.


Izlles age 6
Posy age 4
Puppy age 2.5
Jakey age 10 months

Please excuse my spelling but I have dyslexia and do my best. Please don’t hesitate to correct me.
Thank you.

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Playing with suet

Today we have been playing with suet and water.

The first problem Puppy had was getting into the packet.

Once Puppy got into the packet she had great fun pouring the suet in the tub.

Once in the tub she started exploring the suet. She found out that it sticks together if you squeeze it.

Even Jacky joined in

She used the water by painting it on the suet.

This didn’t last long soon she poured all the water into the suet and got her hands in straight away.

Puppy spent ages squishing and mixing this and it made a lovely squishy mess.



Izlles age 6
Posy age 4
Puppy age 2.5
Jakey age 10 months

Please excuse my spelling but I have dyslexia and do my best. Please don’t hesitate to correct me.
Thank you.

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Mess free painting.

Ever had the children moaning to paint but you simply haven’t the time to sit with them or to tidy up?
Well if so then this is for you.
All you need is

•strong ziplock food bags
•strong paper optional

All you need to do is place the paper in the ziplock bag if using then add the paint and either tape to a tray, table or even window.

Then get squishing

This is suitable for all ages

This is my 2 year old daughter, Puppy

And this is my 9 month old son Jakey

Izlles age 6
Posy age 4
Puppy age 2.5
Jakey age 10 months

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Soft bricks

I recently was in a cheap shop and saw these sponges.

So I quickly got some for the children together with some kitchen tongs.

When we was home I quickly cut up the sponges into strips and placed them in a tub with the tongs.

I then asked Izlles to build a tower with them using the tongs and not his fingers.

Izlles found this rather challenging, but soon got the hang of it.

He loved trying to build the tower as high as he can without it falling.

Posy also enjoyed this activity, but for Puppy I just asked her to use her fingers and not the tongs unless she wanted to.

This is a great quiet time activity which kept my children occupied for a long time.

Izlles age 6
Posy age 4
Puppy age 2.5
Jakey age 10 months

Please excuse my spelling but I have dyslexia and do my best. Please don’t hesitate to correct me.
Thank you.

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Salt free play dough

I have just been playing and have accidentally made some play dough!!!

My children have finished playing with this discovery bag, and to be honest it couldn’t be used anymore as it had been taped and peeled off to many times to be able to use any more!

So I thought I wonder if it will make goo if I added cornflour (corn starch).

I put the hair gel into a tub

And added cornflour a bit at a time.

Unfortunately for me I didn’t have enough cornflour flour to make goo (big sigh)

It was just a big gloppy mess. I didn’t want to just throw it away so I added some flour. And this turned it into a lovely play dough.

The cornflour gives it an easy brake quality when pulling apart but also making it squishable.
All the beads and marbles makes it a very sensory play dough and fun to play with.

Here is Posys snowman


Izlles age 6
Posy age 4
Puppy age 2.5
Jakey age 10 months

Please excuse my spelling but I have dyslexia and do my best. Please don’t hesitate to correct me.
Thank you.

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St Patrick’s day crafts

Making Shamrocks

As its St. Patrick’s day on the 17 march we decided to make shamrocks out of my girls new favourite shape, hearts.

I first used gum paper to cut out paper hearts. I gave these to Posy and Puppy along with a tub with wet kitchen roll to wet the gum paper, and some coloured paper.

I first showed them how stick the paper as they have ever used gum paper before and how to place 3 or 4 of the hearts together to make the shamrocks.

Once I had shown the girls I left them to it.

Here are there masterpieces.


Since we had the children’s cousins with us (aged 12 and 9) I wanted them to join in with the fun too.
I found this picture

From Wikipedia here.
As soon as I saw it I thought that would be great to copy using small pieces of gum paper. When they first looked at it both instantly said, no way I can’t to that!!!
I just told them to give it ago and it doesn’t have to be perfect.
Here is the result.


Posy wanted to join in to

Izlles age 6
Posy age 4
Puppy age 2.5
Jakey age 10 months

Please excuse my spelling but I have dyslexia and do my best. Please don’t hesitate to correct me.
Thank you.

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Hand warmers

We have a few birthdays coming up so we have been doing gift crafts.

For my sister who is always cold we have made some hand warmers.

To make these we used

•4 square pieces of felt
•embroidery floss/ you can use wool
•blunt needle
•lavender oil

Line 2 of the pieces of felt together, I punched holes in my felt to make to easier to sew.

I sewed the first 3 edges together to keep it together and then let the children get to work.

All the children had a turn sewing.

Once the 3 sides were sewn up we filled it up with rice which I had mixed with lavender oil.

Once it was suitably full, I sewed up the opening and then let the children see it up as well.

Once we had finished the first hand warmer we got to work on the other one as obviously you need 2.

Here are the finished hand warmers.

All you need to do now is heat them up in the microwave for 30-60 seconds and enjoy warm hands.
You can also place these in your draws to them smell nice and fresh.

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How I kept the children entertained while ill part 2

Another good idea for me (since I already had it made) was rice. The only problem with this is it can get a bit messy (it depends on the child) but Puppy is usually quite good at containing the rice.
When I was feeling better (but still needing to relax) I just pulled out this tub and gave her some kitchen equipment.

At first she didn’t know what the whisk was but she soon discovered its purpose.

I undid the lid of the herb jar for her and she enjoyed the sprinkle effect, look mummy like snow.

She discovered that pouring rice in the colander made a loverly noise, and if she shook the colander rice fell out the bottom.

She even made cakes

This was a good activity for Puppy as she was quite happy exploring while I lay on the sofa wishing I could go back to bed!!!


Another lifesaver for me was the iPad. While Jakey was asleep and the eldest 2 at school I could go back to bed with Puppy, give her the iPad and get some sleep, as I knew she would quite happily sit there and play and wake me if she was going anywhere.
She got quite good on the iPad while I was ill. Better than me!!!


Izlles age 6
Posy age 4
Puppy age 2.5
Jakey age 10 months

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Savoury pancakes

As its pancake day we have made savoury pancakes.

I got an American pancake recipe from here
But as I was making savoury pancakes I left out the sugar and changed the butter for 3-4 tbs if cream cheese.
I also added grated carrot, peas and sweetcorn.


I cooked the pancakes in batches of 2.

My children and niece and nephew all loved theses savoury pancakes.

It makes a change to the sweet kind and they are loverly cold in a lunch box.

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Body lotion

As its my mums birthday soon, we got to work making her some body cream.
I explained to Izlles what we were going to do and he wrote it out on the whiteboard.

I got the recipe for the lotion here.
These are the materials we used.

Izlles did more of this activity than his sisters as it can get hot.
We first measured out the oil and then the beeswax into a bowl.

We then melted this in the microwave. Once melted we measured out the water.

Now according to the recipe you are meant to add the water slowly while blending the oil. But Izlles thought it would be better to add all the water at once while I was getting the hand blender!!! So I quickly started blending. I hander the blender over to Izlles so I could put in the lavender oil and the vitamin E (which was squeezed from vitamin E capsules). I was pleased to see the lotion was starting to form and pouring all the water in at once hadn’t caused a major problem. As soon as the girls heard the blender they instantly came into the kitchen to help. So we all had a turn blending until all the water had been combined.


Once we had finished blending we spooned the cream into the jars (which were small Nutella jars).

During this process I found out that adding all the water at once made the lotion slightly clumpy.
This mixture was enough to fill 2 jars.

Here is the finished product.

I placed the lids on and once cooled placed in the fridge as the only preserving agent is the vitamin E.
I thing my mum will love this gift as it was homemade, and from the heart. While making it I gave it a try and it feels very creamy and thick. It had already helped my dry skin. I am also planing on making some more of this as thank you gifts but using camomile tea instead of the water and lavender oil.

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